In Canada, Blacks Are More Highly Educated Than Whites

An analysis of government data by the Association for Canadian Studies in Montreal has found huge disparities in educational attainment between different racial and ethnic groups in Canada. And in what may be a surprise, white Canadians were less likely to hold a college degree than almost every other ethnic group.

The research examined data on the educational levels of Canadian adults who were in the 35 to 44 age group. The results showed that 74 percent of Canadians with Korean heritage were college graduates. This was the highest percentage of any ethnic group in Canada. More than half of Canadians with Chinese, Arab, or Filipino heritage were college graduates.

About one third of Canadians with Hispanic heritage had a college degree. More than 30 percent of black adults in Canada were college graduates, a level equal to that of whites in the United States.

Slightly more than one quarter of white Canadians were college educated. The only group with a lower percentage was Canadians from Southeast Asia.