New Web Site Establishes Network Where Employers Can Seek Out African-American College Graduates

Many corporations would jump at the chance to hire a black student with an Ivy League education. But a large number of black students who graduate from these schools lack the professional and social contacts of their white peers. Thus, many black students struggle to find the job that is right for them.

Two recent Ivy League graduates hope to solve this networking problem for African-American college graduates. Brandon M. Terry, a 2005 Harvard graduate, and Sean M. Mendy, a 2005 graduate of Cornell University, have created a new Web site called Black and other minority students can post their profiles and resumes online at no charge. About 700 students have already done so. In addition to Ivy League graduates, students from 12 other highly ranked colleges and universities can access the service. Among the participating institutions are Howard University, Spelman College, MIT, Duke, Stanford, and Berkeley.

Corporations interested in recruiting black managers and professionals pay a nominal fee to access the student information. The site is ideal for small companies that do not have the time or money to visit campuses or job fairs in order to recruit employees.

For more information on this new service for African-American college graduates, click here.