Fundraising Drive Aims to Save LeMoyne-Owen College

LeMoyne-Owen College, the historically black educational institution in Memphis, is more than $6 million in debt. The administration has said that it needs to raise $3 million by the end of June to stave off a financial crisis.

Area churches have pledged to contribute $500,000 in each of the next three years. Cummins Inc., the diesel engine manufacturer, pledged another $500,000.

Robert Lipscomb, chair of the board of trustees, has asked the state of Tennessee to chip in $1 million and has requested that the city of Memphis and Shelby County contribute $500,000 each to help keep the college open. He also urged local residents to make contributions to the college. “If we don’t support our own institution, then why should anybody else,” Lipscomb said at a rally to drum up financial support held on campus.

Readers who would like to make an online contribution to help this fundraising effort can do so by clicking here.