GOP Presidential Candidate, Congressman Tom Tancredo, Proposes to Ban Race-Sensitive Admissions at All Colleges That Accept Federal Funds

Colorado Congressman and GOP presidential candidate Tom Tancredo has introduced legislation which would prohibit the federal government from using any form of racial preferences. The bill, entitled the Equal Opportunity Protection and Civil Rights Restoration Act of 2007, would also ban the use of racial preferences in admissions programs for any college or university in the United States that accepts federal funds.

“It makes no sense to try and remedy the ills of discrimination with yet more discrimination. Picking winners and losers based on race was wrong in the past and it is wrong today,” Tancredo said when announcing the legislation.

The bill is pure political posturing by Tancredo, who is hoping to establish himself as the most conservative of the GOP presidential hopefuls. The bill stands almost no chance of even making it to the floor of the Democratic-controlled Congress.