Black Candidate for Congress in North Carolina Is a Determined Opponent of Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Last week Vernon Robinson, who calls himself “the black Jesse Helms,” won a landslide victory in the GOP primary in North Carolina’s Thirteenth Congressional District. Robinson will face off against incumbent Democrat Brad Miller in November.

Robinson, a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and former commander of a Minuteman Missile launch facility, taught for 10 years at the business school at the historically black Winston-Salem State University.

On his Web site (, the candidate offers the following assessment of race-sensitive admissions in higher education: “Race based admissions worsen rather than improve race relations. First, these programs help white women and upper middle class blacks, not the brothers on the block as was intended. By using race based policies, racial resentment increases rather than decreases. These policies undermine meritorious achievements of minorities and undermine self-confidence. Creating a racial spoils system permanently abandons the ‘content or our character’ moral high ground of the civil rights struggle.”