University of Minnesota Honors Black Students Who Took Over the Administration’s Headquarters in 1969

Black student protesters at the University of Minnesota in 1969 emerging from the administration building after their demands had been met.

On January 14, 1969 a large group of black students took over the administration building at the University of Minnesota. They demanded that the university establish a black studies program and provide increased financial aid to black students on campus. Within 24 hours the black students’ demands were met. Some students were arrested for taking over the building but all were acquitted of the major charges.

Late last month the university celebrated the takeover by inviting the student protesters back to campus. Sue Hancock, of the Office for Multicultural and Academic Affairs, welcomed the former students back to campus saying, “We are thankful to you. You put your lives on the line so that the University of Minnesota and the people who followed you would have a different experience.”