The Revival of Arkansas Baptist College

In 2006 Arkansas Baptist College, the historically black educational institution in Little Rock, took the bold step of hiring Fitz Hill as its new president. Hill’s previous position was head football coach at predominantly white San Jose State University in California.

Hill, a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University, holds an educational doctorate from the University of Arkansas. He served in the first Gulf War and earned the Bronze Star.

Hill has called on the motivation skills he used as a football coach to revitalize Arkansas Baptist. In just two years enrollments have tripled and the operating budget has grown from $2 million to $6.5 million. He has raised millions of dollars to renovate the 115-year-old Old Main Hall, the central building on campus. The college purchased a car wash near campus that is currently being managed by business students at the college.

While many on campus credit Hill for giving the college a new sense of purpose, he is not willing to take the credit. “It is God’s doing,” he says.

The board of trustees appears to disagree. Hill was recently awarded a contract extension through 2013.