The Colleges Where the Races Intermingle and Where They Stay Apart

The Princeton Review has released its annual ranking of the selective colleges and universities where there is a great deal of interaction between the races on campus. There is also a ranking for those schools where self-imposed racial segregation is the norm and there is little socialization between black and white students.

Pitzer College in California was rated as the college where the races are most likely to interact. Rice University, an institution at which the original charter stipulated that only white students could enroll, is now rated by The Princeton Review as the university with the second-most racial interaction.

Trinity College in Connecticut is named as the institution where there is the least interaction among the races. Here are the top 10 schools in each category:

Lots of Racial Interaction

Little Racial Interaction

1. Pitzer College

1. Trinity College (Connecticut)

2. Rice University

2. Miami University (Ohio)

3. Franklin W. Olin College

3. Fairfield University

4. Wesleyan College

4. University of New Hampshire

5. Baruch College-CUNY

5. Wake Forest University

6. Stanford University

6. Providence College

7. St. Mary’s College of Maryland

7. University of Richmond

8. Univ. of Alabama Birmingham

8. Syracuse University

9. Beloit College

9. Texas Christian University

10. Prescott College

10. Rollins College