Le Moyne College Continues Its Minority-Only Admissions and Scholarship Programs

While many colleges and universities are cutting back on orientation, admission,  and scholarship programs reserved exclusively for black and minority students, Le Moyne College, a Catholic educational institution in Syracuse, New York, is doing just the reverse.

Most notably, Le Moyne College is firmly committed to its African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American (AHANA) admissions program. Under this program, promising minority students with SAT scores 150 points or more below the mean for other students admitted to Le Moyne and grade point averages a full letter grade below the college’s average for admitted students are accepted for admission. These AHANA students must participate in a five-week pre-college program in the summer before they enter Le Moyne. In addition, these students are required to take part in academic support services throughout their freshman year.

The college also maintains the Loyola Scholarship program for all students of color and another scholarship program for Native American students.