Harvard Law School Faculty and Alumni Line Up to Support Obama

Many faculty and alumni at Harvard Law School appear to be lining up to support the presidential bid of Barack Obama. The Illinois senator is a 1991 graduate of the law school where he was the first African American to head the Harvard Law Review.

Laurence Tribe, the highly regarded constitutional scholar, is leading the faculty effort to support the Obama candidacy. Tribe told the New York Observer, “I’ve never been as enthusiastic about a politician as I am about Barack.” Tribe and his Harvard Law colleague David B. Wilkins recently co-hosted a 150-person fundraising party for Obama in Cambridge. The price of admission was a $2,300 contribution to the Obama presidential campaign. Both Tribe and Wilkins were on the faculty when Obama was a student at the law school.

Many of Obama’s classmates at Harvard Law School are also working feverishly on his behalf. Many of his former classmates are raising money and advising the campaign on a wide number of policy issues as well as campaign strategy.