Sixteen Black Male College Students Selected for Summer Leadership Program in Washington

The Institute for Responsible Citizenship is a nonprofit organization that sponsors an intensive leadership program for high-achieving African-American male college students. Students selected into the program spend eight weeks in Washington over two consecutive summers. They take three courses in government and economics for academic credit. They are placed in an internship that coincides with their career goals and they attend a series of private meetings and seminars. Sixteen black male college students were accepted into the program this year. They are:

D’Leon Barnett
(George Mason Univ.)

Donald Depass (Duke University)

Curtis D. Flournov Jr.
(Williams College)

Caleb J. Gayle
(University of Oklahoma)

Marcus Goodwin
(Univ. of Pennsylvania)

Robert A. Hickman
(College of New Jersey)

Alan-Michael Hill
(Univ. of Pennsylvania)

Jonathan F. Hill
(Emory University)

Timothy G. Hughes
(Univ. of North Carolina)

Charles R. Lee
(Duke University)

Eric A. McCarthy
(Queens Univ.-Charlotte)

Kevin T. James
(St. John’s University)

Serrano Legrand
(Northeastern Univ.)

Marcus V. Phelps
(University of Akron)

Derek Porter
(Univ. of St. Thomas)

Jordan C. Wall
(Davidson College)