Berkeley’s Haas School of Business Rejoins Consortium Looking to Increase Racial Diversity Among MBA Candidates

In 2003 the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley dropped out of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management. The consortium was formed to increase diversity in American business schools. At the time it offered full-tuition fellowships at leading business schools to African-American, Hispanic-American, and American-Indian applicants. Due to California state law, which prohibits public universities from offering any preferences based on race, the Haas School concluded that it had no choice but to end its participation in the consortium.

In 2005 the consortium changed its policy. Applicants for fellowships can now be of any race or ethnic group but they must demonstrate a commitment to advancing diversity. As a result of the policy change, the Haas School has rejoined the consortium.

The consortium is funded by corporate partners. Among the largest contributors are 3M, Johnson & Johnson, General Mills, and Bank of America.