Race-Sensitive Admissions in Higher Education in the Post-Grutter Age

James Beckman's Affirmative Action Now

A new book by James A. Beckman, an associate professor of law and justice at the University of Tampa, documents the continuing importance of race-sensitive admissions in higher education today. The book, entitled Affirmative Action Now: A Guide for Students, Families, and Counselors, offers a history of affirmative action in higher education with special emphasis on what has transpired since the 2003 Supreme Court ruling in Grutter v. Bollinger, which reaffirmed the right of colleges and universities to consider race in their admissions decisions.

A huge 240-page appendix lists the affirmative action admissions policy of every four-year college and university in the United States with an enrollment greater than 500 students. All told, Professor Beckman found 488 colleges and universities that continue to practice race-sensitive admissions. The appendix also lists the black percentage of the student body at each school. Therefore, the appendix is a valuable reference tool for all college-bound African-American students.