London’s Wonder Twins Destroy the Racist Theory of Black Intellectual Inferiority

Paula and Peter Imafidon are 9-year-old twins from East London. They are about to enter high school, the youngest students in Britain ever to do so. At age 7, they passed the A-level examination in mathematics. Passing the A-level examination shows that a student is ready for college-level instruction. A year later, at age 8, they both passed the University of Cambridge's Advanced Mathematics test, the youngest students ever to pass the exam.

Paula wants to be a mathematics teacher. Peter aims to be prime minister of the United Kingdom.

By the way, the twins are black. Their parents immigrated to Britain from Nigeria more than 30 years ago. The twins’ sister, now 20 years old, won a scholarship at age 13 to study at Johns Hopkins University. A second sister, now 17, entered college in Britain at age 11.