Major Restructuring Announced at Historically Black Florida A&M University

Florida A&M University, the historically black educational institution in Tallahassee, has announced a restructuring plan that will save the institution nearly $19 million. The restructuring plan, entitled “Excellence in a New Era: Developing the Millennial FAMUan,” will organize the university’s academic offerings into 15 colleges and schools.

Under the plan the university will eliminate degree programs in French and Spanish as well as nine education degrees and two journalism degrees. The School of Business and Industry and the School of Architecture will also drop some programs. The university will maintain the programs for one or two years so current students can complete their degrees.

The plan includes the elimination of 242 jobs. Of these, 109 were being paid for by money from the federal stimulus package and these funds will run out in June.  Another 44 positions scheduled to be cut are already vacant.