Conservative Students at Kutztown University Mistakenly Play the Race Card

The College Republicans, who held an affirmative action bake sale at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania recently, failed to do their homework. The event, which copied many similar bake sales held throughout the country, sold baked goods for which whites were required to pay higher prices than blacks and other minorities. The demonstration is supposed to show the “evils” of affirmative action in favoring one group over another.

What the College Republicans failed to realize is that Kutztown University does not consider race in its admissions decisions. University officials said that race is not a factor in any admissions or financial aid decision.

But the affirmative action bake sale did serve to stir up racial tensions on campus. Minority students held a protest demonstration citing what they perceive as widespread discrimination on campus. Many black and other minority students were unaware of the university’s social equity office, which fields discrimination complaints. The office is tucked away in the basement of an administration building.