Number of Blacks Accepted to Rice University Up 35 Percent

Last month JBHE reported that black applicants to Rice University’s interim decision admissions program were up a whopping 38 percent from a year ago. Under this program, students apply by December and are informed of the university’s decision in February. The interim admissions application is not binding, which means that students who apply under the program are not required to enroll at Rice if they are accepted.

Now the results are in. In 2006, 54 black students were admitted to Rice under the interim decision program. This was an increase of 35 percent from a year ago. Some 28 percent of all black applicants in the interim admissions program were accepted, the same rate as for interim applicants as a whole. Blacks made up 5.8 percent of all students accepted under the interim decision program this year.

The original 1912 charter of Rice University stipulated that only white students were permitted to enroll.

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