LSU Seeks to Bring Greater Racial Diversity to Its Graduate Programs

Louisiana State University is mounting an effort to increase the racial diversity of its graduate schools. The university has partnered with several historically black colleges and universities in an attempt to funnel graduates of the colleges to LSU’s graduate programs. Recruitment officials are visiting black college campuses and recruiting fairs across the country. Last fall the staff visited 15 recruiting fairs nationwide, and seven of these fairs focused on minority students.

In addition, the university holds graduate preview days when it invites members of minority groups to campus to showcase its academic, cultural, and social programs. LSU holds a monthlong Pre-Doctoral Scholars Institute in the summer for students from underrepresented minorities to acclimate students to its doctoral programs.

Marco Barker, assistant to the vice provost and director of educational equity at LSU, states, “Increasing the diversity of LSU graduate programs increases the overall education experience of all of our students and faculty.”