Center for Equal Opportunity Charges Black Students Are Getting Undue Admissions Preferences at State Universities in Ohio

The Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO), a right-wing think tank in Falls Church, Virginia, has published a new report that claims Ohio State University and Miami University of Ohio give unwarranted admissions preferences to blacks and other minorities.

The data shows that white applicants are admitted to both universities at a higher rate than black applicants. But when applicants with similar standardized test scores and high school grade point averages are compared, the CEO data shows that blacks were up to 10 times as likely to be admitted as whites at Miami University and were up to eight times as likely to be admitted to Ohio State.

The study showed that black students admitted to these two universities on average had combined SAT scores that were between 110 and 160 points below the mean scores of admitted white students.

For interested readers, the CEO report can be downloaded at the organization’s Web site.