Honors and Awards

• Mary Cameron, associate director of the office of human resources at the University of Minnesota at Duluth, received the Drum Major for Peace Award from the Duluth chapter of the NAACP.

Cameron holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Minnesota at Duluth and a second master’s degree from Syracuse University. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in organizational leadership and policy development.

• Temika Michael Simmons, assistant professor of psychology at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi, received the 2011 Distinguished Dissertation Award from the Council of Historically Black Graduate Schools. She recently completed her doctoral studies in education at Howard University.

The University of Alabama’s Multicultural Journalism Program received the 2011 Diversity Award from the Journalism Education Association.

• Emma A. Faulk, assistant professor of business/marketing education at Alabama State University in Montgomery, received the Outstanding Postsecondary Business Educator Award from the Alabama Business Education Association.

• Dolores Finger Wright, an associate professor of social work at Delaware State University in Dover, received the Sit-In Hero’s Award from the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. As an undergraduate student at Bennett College in 1960, she helped organize the Greensboro lunch counter sit-ins.

Dr. Wright graduated from Bennett College and went on to earn a master of social work degree from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in social work from Howard University.

• Zelia Wiley, assistant dean for diversity at the College of Agriculture at Kansas State University, received the Commerce Bank Presidential Faculty and Staff Award for Distinguished Service to Historically Underrepresented Students.