Fraternity at Florida A&M May Be First to Be Prosecuted Under Anti-Hazing Statute

The Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity was suspended and placed on inactive status at Florida A&M University after it was revealed that a pledge had been seriously injured during a hazing incident. The student was allegedly beaten with canes on four successive nights. One of the student’s cuts required 25 stitches. The student’s father brought the matter to the attention of authorities when his son returned home to nurse his wounds, which will cause him to miss the remaining classes this semester.

After a 2001 hazing incident at Florida A&M resulting in kidney failure to a pledge and a $1.8 million damage award, the Florida legislature passed a law making serious injury or death resulting from hazing a felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. To date, no one has been prosecuted under the law.