University of Iowa Seeks to Boost Black Enrollments in Graduate Programs

The University of Iowa is making an all-out push to increase the number of black students in its graduate and professional programs. There are currently 169 black students enrolled in graduate education programs at the Iowa City campus, up 19 percent from 2000. In 2005 the university enrolled 25 new black or Latino graduate students in mathematics or science-related graduate programs.

One area where black enrollments have lagged is at the law school. Today there are 31 black students at the University of Iowa College of Law. They make up 4.7 percent of the total enrollments. The number of black students at the law school is down 25 percent from 2000.

But in view of the fact that blacks are only 2 percent of the population in Iowa, the law school’s level of black enrollment is admirable. But the administration and the Black Law Students Association are joining forces to attract more African-American students. Students travel to meet with black students at pre-law programs at universities in nearby states. And efforts are also being made to recruit students from historically black colleges and universities.

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