Scholarly Research Center Headed by Claude Steele Becomes Part of Stanford University

The heretofore independent Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences has entered into a formal arrangement to become part of Stanford University. Founded in 1954 with funds from the Ford Foundation, the center offers fellowships to about 40 scholars from a wide array of disciplines who come to the center to conduct research or writing projects. Fellows of the center have written more than 1,700 books. Seventeen former fellows have won the Nobel Prize in economics.

The center, which has had offices on land leased from the university, will now be under the financial and administrative management of Stanford. Under the new arrangement the center will have access to the vast resources of the university and will get help from the university’s development office in fundraising and have the university assume some of its operating expenses.

The director of the center is Claude Steele, the Lucie Stern Professor in the Social Sciences and a professor of psychology at Stanford University.