Web Site Where Columbia Students Vent Their Racist Anger

For the past year students at Columbia University could log on to the “Bored at Butler” Web site and anonymously post their views on any subject. The site, established by a Columbia University student, is not affiliated with Columbia University. But to gain full access to the site and to post messages you must log on through the Columbia University network or use a Columbia University e-mail address.

Until recently, the Columbia University logo appeared on the site. Now a disclaimer tells visitors that Bored at Butler is not affiliated with the university. However, you still cannot access the site unless you are affiliated with the university.

The problem has been that the postings include a wide range of racist and sexist material. As an example, one post refers to Columbia’s basketball coach as “a fuckin’ KFC-eatin’, 40-ounce havin’ porch monkey.”

While access is limited, JBHE readers can get a taste of what the site is all about by clicking here.

There are also links to similar sites at several other Ivy League institutions. The “Bored at Lamont” site for Harvard students is the most popular.