Southern Illinois University On the Verge of Agreement to Eliminate Minority-Only Fellowships

Last November the U.S. Department of Justice threatened to sue Southern Illinois University for discriminating against white students by denying them access to three fellowship programs. The programs are:

Now the university appears ready to accept an agreement with the Department of Justice to make the fellowship programs available to students of all races. However, under the proposed revisions to the programs, which were prematurely posted on the school's Web site and later removed, the university says that the fellowships will continue to target "underserved student populations" and "students from families which traditionally have not had access to the opportunities of higher education."

JBHE research shows that at the nation's colleges and universities there are hundreds of private scholarships earmarked for blacks and minority students. So far, these programs have not been legally challenged. (See, "What's to Become of College Scholarships Earmarked for Blacks?" JBHE, Number 43, Spring 2004, p. 91.)

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