Dean at Black Business School Institutes Strict Dress Code

Sid Credle, dean of the business administration program at Hampton University, believes that if African Americans are going to make it in the business world after they leave college, they must look the part. Dean Credle hosts a weekly reception for students and business leaders. In order to attend the receptions, Hampton students are required to dress conservatively and to come without what he calls "extreme hairdos." Students may not have multi-tinted hair, and cornrows are strictly prohibited. Afros must be nicely tapered. "When we look at the top 75 African Americans in corporate America," Dean Credle told the Virginian-Pilot, "we don't see any of them with extreme hairdos."

Male students are encouraged to wear business suits, and earrings are not permitted. The dean prefers women to wear skirts as long as they are not too short.

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