Gossip Website With Extensive Racist Content Calls It Quits

In a past issue JBHE reported on the wide range of racist content posted at the website JuicyCampus.com. For the past two years university students were able to post uncensored and anonymous comments on just about any topic. Many of the posts were sexist, homophobic, or racist. A large number of posts on the site named women who are deemed sexually promiscuous or provided details on the length of a male’s sex organ. When JBHE visited the JuicyCampus.com site some months ago we found hundreds of posts that contained the word “nigger.”

JuicyCampus.com had become the twenty-first century equivalent of graffiti on the inside walls of a bathroom stall.

But now JuicyCampus.com has shut down due to a sharp drop in online advertising revenue and venture capital funding. Good riddance.