Black Faculty at State-Run Colleges and Universities in South Carolina

Blacks are nearly 30 percent of the total work force in the state of South Carolina. Yet a new report from the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission finds that blacks make up only 3.8 percent of the 1,492 full professors at state-operated colleges and universities in the state. There are 39 black men and 18 black women currently holding positions as full professors at state-operated colleges and universities.

It is important to note that one of these state-run educational institutions is South Carolina State University, a historically black institution in Orangeburg. Of the 39 full professors at all state-operated colleges and universities in South Carolina, 26 were employed at South Carolina State University.

There are 10 black full professors at the flagship campus of the University of South Carolina at Columbia. They make up 2.6 percent of all full professors at the university. There are 11 black associate professors, who make up 3.3 percent of all associate professors. In addition, there are 22 black assistant professors who make up 7.6 percent of all assistant professors. Blacks are nearly 15 percent of the undergraduate student body at the University of South Carolina.

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