Black Applicants to the University of California’s Nine Campuses Up 9 Percent From a Year Ago

Race cannot be used as a positive factor in the admissions process at any of the nine undergraduate campuses of the University of California. But the ban on affirmative action and the low number of black students who have been admitted to some campuses in recent years is not having a dampening effect on black applicants to the university.

This year there are 3,527 black students who have applied to one or more of the nine undergraduate campuses. This is an increase of 8.9 percent from a year ago and 21 percent over 2005.

The number of black applicants increased at all nine undergraduate campuses this year. The largest increase was at UCLA where the number of blacks increased 14.1 percent.

The smallest increase in black applicants was at the University of California at Riverside, the campus that in recent years has had the largest percentage of entering black freshmen among the nine undergraduate campuses.