Professor at Goucher College Accused of Participation in the Rwandan Genocide

Leopold Munyakazi, a visiting professor of French at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, was suspended from teaching duties this semester after it was alleged that he had participated in the Rwandan genocide. In a letter to the Goucher College community, President Sanford J. Unger said the facts in the case are “murky.”

The Rwanda embassy in Washington requested that the U.S. government arrest Professor Munyakazi and extradite him to Rwanda to face charges. He was taken into custody this past Thursday.

Professor Munyakazi is accused of revealing the location of Tutsi tribe members to marauding bands of Hutu militias. These militias murdered hundreds of thousands of Rwandans in the mid-1990s. Professor Munyakazi denies all charges.

Professor Munyakazi is a 1981 graduate of the University of Nice in southern France. He holds master’s degrees from the National University of Rwanda and the University of Rouen in France. He earned a Ph.D. in linguistics and phonetics from the University of Nice.