Right-Wing Think Tank Issues Report Highly Critical of Diversity Efforts at the University of Colorado

The University of Colorado at Boulder has had a rough time in its efforts to bring greater racial diversity to campus. Blacks are only 1.7 percent of the more than 26,000 undergraduate students at the university. Furthermore, a series of racial hate incidents have plagued the campus in recent years. Now, an outside group is openly criticizing what efforts the university has taken to address its racial problems.

The Independence Institute, a conservative think tank based in Golden, Colorado, has published a report highly critical of the diversity efforts at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The report is entitled A Color Scheme: Questions Raised by Accounting and Business Practices Within the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Multi-Million Dollar Diversity Administration.

The report says that the university spends nearly $22 million annually on diversity programs. But it is highly critical of these efforts saying most of the funding goes to overhead and administrative costs, with very little filtering down to student programs. The report accuses the university administration of not having clear goals for its diversity efforts and for mounting several efforts that duplicate what others are doing to foster greater racial diversity.