North Carolina A&T Gets Tough on Its Students

The black student graduation rate at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro is only 42 percent, slightly below the national average. Further bad news is that the black student graduation rate at the historically black university has declined further in recent years.

Now the university reports that one quarter of all undergraduate students who were enrolled during the fall semester are either on academic probation or suspension for failing classes or not making “adequate progress toward graduation.” More than 2,500 students at the university were in academic trouble. At Winston-Salem State University, another historically black state-run university in North Carolina, only 8 percent of the undergraduate students are on academic probation.

North Carolina A&T State University officials note that the university made a conscious decision this past fall to strictly adhere to its policies concerning academic probation and suspension whereas, in the past, enforcement of these policies may have been lax.

Students on probation have one semester to improve their performance or risk being suspended from the university.