New Chancellor at Winston-Salem State University States His Top Goal Is to Raise the Graduation Rate

Donald Reaves, the new chancellor of Winston-Salem State University, the historically black educational institution in North Carolina, has stated that his primary goal is to boost the retention and graduation rates of students. “It’s the primary reason we’re here,” Reaves said. “In the end that is the measure of success.”

Currently only 18 percent of entering freshmen earn a bachelor’s degree in four years and 44 percent earn a degree within six years. Over the next five years, Reaves aims to increase the four-year graduation rate to 30 percent and the six-year graduation rate to 56 percent.

To meet these goals, Reaves seeks to raise admissions standards so that better-prepared students come to Winston-Salem State. He also plans to change the curriculum so that there are more courses and more sections of required courses so that students are not shut out of classes that they need to fill their major requirements. He also plans to hire a new group of advisers to help students navigate through college.