Washington and Lee University and Brown University Are the Latest Partners in the QuestBridge Program for Low-Income Students

The QuestBridge National College Match Program seeks out qualified low-income students of all races who seek admission to selective colleges and universities. There are 27 colleges and universities that have joined the QuestBridge program. Brown University and Washington and Lee University are the newest additions to the list of partner institutions.

Here’s how the QuestBridge program matches low-income students with partner colleges. Students participating in the college match process complete one application by September 30 and use it to apply early to up to eight of QuestBridge’s 27 partner colleges, ranking the schools in order of preference. The rankings are binding. Students agree to attend the school highest on their ranking list that admits them. The admitted students receive full-tuition scholarships. Last year, 260 QuestBridge applicants who participated in the college match process were selected, gaining admission and full scholarships to one of the partner colleges.

About one quarter of all students who receive scholarships under the QuestBridge National College Match program are African Americans.