College Programs That Increase Black Student Retention and Graduation Rates

A new report from the Teagle Foundation, a nonprofit group seeking to advance liberal education, offers a list of programs that colleges and universities have employed to lessen racial tension on campus, increase retention rates for black and other minority students, and achieve high rates of college completion.

The report, entitled Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in College Completion and Achievement: Current Initiatives, New Ideas, and Assessment, provides a detailed look at 14 programs currently in use on college campuses today that offer innovative strategies for breaking down racial differences in higher education. The study emphasizes that programs for increasing access for blacks and other minorities to our top colleges and universities are important in achieving this goal. But the report states that once these students are on campus, strong and effective programs must be established so that equality of educational outcome is achieved.

The complete report can be downloaded by clicking here.