Toni Morrison Society Finds a Home at Bucknell University

The Toni Morrison Society has found a new home at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. The society, a division of the American Literature Association, encourages scholarship on the works of Toni Morrison, the Princeton University professor emeritus and winner of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The society was founded in 1993 by Carolyn Denard, an associate dean at Emory University. Bucknell University will be the society’s first institutional home.

Bucknell University Press will publish the new Toni Morrison Review, the first academic journal dedicated to Morrison’s work. The society will offer two annual prizes, one for short fiction and one for poetry. The winning original works will be published in the Review.

Carmen Gillespie, associate professor of English at Bucknell, is the executive director of the society.