African-American Scholar at the University of Chicago Finds Black Youth Are More Socially Conservative Than Young Whites

A new study conducted by Cathy Cohen, the David and Mary Winton Green Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, presents evidence that black youth do not fit the stereotypical prototype often featured in the nation’s media. Professor Cohen’s research, published in the new book Democracy Remixed: Black Youth and the Future of American Politics (Oxford University Press), shows that black youth are more socially conservative than youth as a whole on issues such as same-sex marriage, premarital sex, and abortion. For example, 55 percent of black youth stated the opinion that homosexuality was “always wrong.” Only 35 percent of white youths agreed.

In addition, Professor Cohen’s data presents evidence that black youth are politically involved and are skeptical that America has entered a “post-racial” era. Young blacks were more likely than young whites to be critical of the message presented by rap music artists.