Not All African-American College Students Are Supporting Barack Obama

It is believed that well more than 90 percent of all African-American voters will cast their presidential ballots this November for Barack Obama. It is expected that the percentage for Obama may be even higher among African-American college students.

But Obama’s support is not universal. Sarah Perkins, a sophomore at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, did not like John McCain and supported Mike Huckabee during the GOP primaries. In fact, as a dedicated social conservative, Perkins did not think she could ever support McCain. But she now has become a strong backer of the McCain-Palin ticket.

Perkins, who is from Georgia, spent this past summer as a volunteer for the McCain campaign. She attended the Republican National Convention in Minnesota. There she met both Cindy and John McCain.

A member of the Smith College Republicans club, Perkins says, “The Republican Party is not perfect, but it is the perfect party for me.”