Georgetown University Debuts New Network to Coordinate All Research and Teaching on Africa

Faculty, staff, and students at Georgetown University have formed the Georgetown African Interest Network (GAIN) to coordinate the university’s research and teaching programs relating to Africa. Students and staff from the Walsh School of Foreign Service, the medical school, the law school, and other divisions have launched GAIN to provide information in one place about all African-related activities on campus. The organization hopes to have the GAIN Web site in operation by the end of the academic year.

Some of the programs that will be featured include the law school’s Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa program, a nursing program geared to halting the spread of AIDS in Africa, and the university’s Center for Infectious Disease effort to prevent and cure malaria.

Scott D. Taylor, associate professor of foreign service and director of the African studies program at Georgetown, stated, “Our hope is that collaboration through GAIN will increase quality research, expand interdisciplinary opportunities, and provide channels for sharing ideas and resources.”