Howard University Relaxes Dormitory Visitation Rules

At many of the nation’s high-ranking colleges and universities, coed dormitories have been the norm for more than a quarter-century. Some colleges have even experimented with coed roommates.

But at Howard University and many other black colleges and universities, cohabitation and even overnight visits are forbidden. At Howard, visitors to dorm rooms must depart by midnight on school nights and by 2 a.m. on weekends. If a student’s guest has not signed out by the appropriate curfew, staff members will come to the student’s room to demand compliance with the policy.

Now for the first time, Howard has relaxed the visitation rule for upperclass students at one high-rise dormitory that houses 840 students. Students must get a signed agreement from their roommates for overnight guests. And the guests must be other Howard students. Guests must sign in by midnight and must leave the dormitory by noon of the next day. Only one guest per room is permitted.