Doctorates Awarded by Historically Black Universities

According to the latest data compiled by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, in 2005 historically black colleges and universities awarded 367 doctorates to recipients of all races. This was a slight increase over the 350 doctorates awarded by black universities in 2004.

Howard University awarded 99 doctorates in 2005, the most of any historically black university. The Howard total was up 12.5 percent from a year ago. Tennessee State University awarded 46 doctoral degrees in 2005, an increase of one from 2004. Jackson State University, Morgan State University, and South Carolina State University each awarded 25 or more doctorates in 2005. Meharry Medical College, Clark Atlanta University, Florida A&M University, Bowie State University, and Texas Southern University were the only other black universities to award at least 10 doctorates in 2005.

South Carolina State University showed the largest increase in doctoral awards. In 2004 the university awarded 23 doctorates. In 2005 the total increased to 38. All 38 doctorates were in the field of education.