— Daniel Hastings was named dean for undergraduate education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Hastings has served on the MIT faculty since 1985 and is currently a professor of aeronautics and astronautics engineering systems. A graduate of Oxford University, Professor Hastings holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in plasma physics from MIT.

— Johnny B. Hill was named assistant professor of theology at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Kentucky. A graduate of Morehouse College, Hill was a teaching assistant at the Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, where he earned his doctorate.

— Pius Langa was appointed the first chancellor of the new Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He had been serving as the chief justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.


Hampton University received a $170,885 grant from the Science Mission Directorate of the NASA’s Solar System Division. The grant will be used for research and data analysis for NASA’s Outer Planets Research Program.


Farah Jasmine Griffin, professor of English and comparative literature and director of the Institute for Research in African American Studies at Columbia University, was awarded the Distinguished Columbia Faculty Award. The award honors exceptional teaching in the arts and sciences and recognizes faculty who demonstrate unusual merit across a range of professorial activities, including scholarship, university citizenship and professional involvement.


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