Two Courses on Race Make the Young America Foundation’s List of the “Dirty Dozen” Courses of Political Correctness

Two courses on racial topics appear on the annual list of “The Dirty Dozen: America’s Most Bizarre and Politically Correct College Courses.” The list is compiled by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), an archconservative political group based in Herndon, Virginia.

Among the Dirty Dozen courses is “Blackness” at Occidental College in California. According to the YAF, this course explores “new blackness,” “critical blackness,” “post-blackness,” and an “unforgivable blackness.”

Also on the Dirty Dozen list is a course at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts entitled, “Whiteness: The Other Side of Racism.” This course deals with such issues as “What is whiteness?” and “What are the legal frameworks of whiteness?”